As GST emerged in India, business has confronted little troubles to manage accounts and filing various returns on time. A comprehensive GST software is needed for fulfilling all the aspects of your business.

The Outdated and muddled software can be strenuous, which needs exceptionally talented and prepared proficient to operate. We Zubizi Web Solutions made super simple, new edge GST software solution which will cover all the aspect of your business.

Here are a few highlights:

GST Software Features
  • Industry Specific Customize

    You will agree that, every business is unique. A garments manufacturer work together on an agreement of his specific operational convention.

    But a Grocer has no likeness with garments manufacturer, you can't fit a solitary software for both totally different industry.

    Thus, we at Zubizi Web Solutions developed GST software which is totally tweaked for your particular industry.

    Before development, we have made an extensive research on your specific industry. Opinion taken from the colossal number of the industry expert.  

    Contrary we also keep in mind about all GST an Income tax laws and it's changing. In this way, you don't have to stress over any legitimate hitches.

  • Super easy invoicing

    According to research, invoicing is the most utilized module on a GST accounting software, and we know in invoicing every second count.

    Researchers also have demonstrated that across all Industry, irrespective of business hours, there is a "pick time" when a large portion of the customer comes.

    Along these lines, we made invoicing super simple and truly automated it as much as possible.

    We have tried to complete Invoicing in a  few steps with all the accounting features.

  • Barcode Integration

    For medium and enterprise level businesses, barcode integration is essential for quick billing and swift stock management.

    Our GST BILLING software has a simple way to generate barcode, which allows you to put your business on automation. If you are a retailer you can use the barcode of your manufacturer or supplier.

  • One Click GST Filing

    Filing various GST returns on time is a big concern for business owners. Late filing not only attracts a penalty but also affects your GST gradation.

    From our GST Software, you can download various returns in CSV format with just a few clicks and upload the file to GST portal without any error. It will save your Time, Money and Grade.

  • Secure

    Utilizing software is easy, but to keep it secure and prevent it from any unauthorized access is a difficult task.

    Our one of the most important concern is your data security, be it a desktop application software or a web-based software.

    We are an ISO 27001:2013 ensured organization, which implies we hone universal standard information security norm, and we always use 256-bit password encryption which is the astounding security.

    So, you can rest assured that your valuable data will not be accessed by any unauthorized persons/authorities.

  • Flexible

    Changing is the rule of the universe. The way you are managing your account now it might happen that you may need to change it after some time.

    Today may be your business is running from a single location but you might have a future plan for expanding your business.

    Our GST application can be operated in a  desktop computer or from the web server. Even you can switch from desktop to a web server or web server to desktop without losing your existing data. That will keep you one step ahead.

  • User access control

    For smooth operations, you may need to give access to your employees, accountant or any authorized person. But complete access to them may harm your business and you do not want to share some of the details with them.

    In that case, our GST accounting software has a tool that allows you to create multiple users and give access only the modules you want.

    It will keep your valuable information safe. Moreover, you can check their activities by your super admin login.

  • Image Integration

    "A picture is worth a thousand words" this phrase is also applicable to our GST software. You can upload the images of your products for visual identification and that will reduce the effort to memorize all the varieties of products.

    You can also upload scanned copies of your purchase bills and vouchers in a systematic way. So, it will save a lot of your time as you do not have to search for physical documents.

  • SMS Integration

    This is an era of digital information, and SMS is one of the most effective methods to send alert and information to your customer.

    Our Software is enabled to send automatic SMS to you and your customer about invoice generation alert, payment due alert, total outstanding alert and many more. It will help you and your customer to oversee account proficiently.

  • Send Invoice Via Email

    For the sake of the environment, paperless Invoicing and documents are rising trend. It not only saves the environment but also saves your time and money.  

    Beside paper bill, you can send invoices and another statement directly from our software via email to your customer. Even you can download invoice or any other documents and send it to WhatsApp or any other medium.  

    You don't need to access any hardware or printer to generate an invoice. Even your customer can receive invoices and another account ledger on the go.

    So, using the paperless feature you can communicate with the customer faster and your revenue will increase drastically.

GST Software Dashboard
  • Graphical Analytic

    Graphical analytics has a great importance to access your business’s ups and downs, correlations, and projections.

    In our Zubizi GST SOFTWARE, you can get a snappy overview of your growth, revenue, outstanding, liability et cetera, which will enable you to improve methodology and spotlight on the where change is required.

  • GST Number validation

    GST numbers have an algorithm. Up to PAN number, there is a visible pattern which can be predicted easily. But after that, it is difficult to guess whether it is alphabet or numeric.

    We have noticed that most B2B business makes mistake while typing GST number of their customers. And the sad part is, you can only know the mistake while filing GST returns. And it is difficult to understand which GST number is incorrect.

    For reducing the pain we have put GST number validation which will alert and restrain you to enter incorrect GST number. It will save your valuable time.

  • Automatic Ledger Creation.

    After every accounting activities, ledger entry is a big issue of business. It is not only time taking process but also chances to forget the entry.

    In our software, you don't need to enter ledger after any activities. It is completely automated, just make invoice, purchase, and expenses it will generate ledger its own. That can reduce your huge human effort.

  • 24X7 Emergency Support

    Problem and queries can arise anytime. Despite the 10 AM to 7 PM Support system, we have a dedicated team to provide 24x7 emergency support for any technical glitches.

    You can also contact through our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We regularly share GST, accounting and technical information on our social media channels.

    We recommend please connect yourself with our all social channels to get updates regularly.

  • 10 Key Benefits

    1. Customized for your specific industry
    2. Anyone can operate
    3. Easy returns filing
    4. Available in both desktop and web application
    5. Switch anytime between desktop to web and vice versa
    6. Automatic CGST-SGST and IGST differentiation
    7. Automatic registered and unregistered taxpayer differentiation
    8. Flexible pricing plan
    9. Highly secured
    10. Instant support

The features mentioned above are not available in all plan and industry, please contact us if you have any questions.